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Director's Message

I commenced his journey as an instructor in pre-selection Training center NCC GHCL 678 Birbal Sahini Marg Lucknow where SSB training is being imparted for SSB aspirants. This center is being financed by Gov. of UP and being managed by the Union Ministry of Defence govt of India. At this center I imbibed the psychological, GTO and the Interview technique of SSB.

During the entire journey of SSB training since 1973 to till date I took a gap of six years and served in a state govt. undertaking as an officer. In 1987 again I ventured back into this profession and established Shekhar academy which has been renamed as J.B. Mall Defence Academy.

Since 1973 I have been producing good results for SSB aspirants on the basis of that result I was invited in UP Sainik School Lucknow in 1996. From 1996 to 2002 I kept on giving appreciable result. 1998-1999 I along with Brig B.C. Pathak produced 32 selections out of 52 cadets this record is still unbroken in UP Sainik School Lucknow. In the year 2017 again, I was invited as a visited faculty and have produced 5 selections out of 21.

In the year, 2003 when the academy was stationed at YMCA building 13 Rana Pratap Marg Lucknow along with Brig B.C. Pathak I gave 14 selection out of 16.

In the year 1997 on the basis of my result producing profile I was invited to undertake the assignment to run the army batches of A.C.C. (Army medical corps bon technical Permanent commission) . The result had been appreciable as in 1997 out of 21 I gave 7 selection , in 1998 I gave 12 selection of AMC ( NT ) P.C. candidates , I kept on giving the similar results till 2010.

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